The Santa Fe Citizen’s Charter is a commitment of the municipal government in the delivery of its service to the people hence; attain good governance in the government.

It was crafted by the municipal government to empower citizenry by promoting to attain good governance through the institutionalization of the following:

  • Efficiency- the delivery service should be “mabilis at magaling’” for the general welfare to the public.
  • Righteous Leadership- leaders should posses Integrity, Maturity, Pro-active, Accountability, Competency and Trustworthy;
  • Participation- the public should be encourage to participate in the development activities of the government;
  • Accountability- Everyone should be accountable to the development and progress of the community;
  • Transparency- information should be available and accessible to the public; and
  • Sustainability- development thrusts of the government should be “pangmatagalan” without sacrificing the needs of the future generation.

It represent the frontline service being offered by the municipal government, the step by step procedures for availing each service, the requirements a costumer must comply to facilitate service delivery, the response time for its delivery, fees and charges based on the municipal revenue code and the municipal employees and staff responsible for the service.

It was enriched by maps sketching the location of the department or office handling the service. Feedback mechanism is also part of this Citizen’s Charter to be able to generate feedbacks from the clientele for further enhancement and improvement.

In its first year of implementation the municipal government envisions that this Citizen’s Charter with a dictum “A COMMITMENT GOOD GOVERNANCE” will eventually enhance its delivery of service to the people of Santa Fe hence; attain satisfaction of the clientele.



   Section 17 Republic Act 7160, otherwise known as Local Government Code of 1991 mandates the Local Government Units to deliver service to its clientele efficiently and effectively. This could be attained, however, if the said Local government Units and its instrumentalities would eventually be committed and dedicated in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

With the enactment of Republic Act 9485, otherwise known as the Anti Red-Tape Act of 2007, this mandate was further strengthened. The Department of the Interior and local Government (DILG) in collaboration with its training arm the Local Government Academy (LGA) and other members of the oversight committee in the implementation of the said Republic Act spearheaded the advocacy on the orientation as regard to the said law, which is called Project CURE which stands for Comprehensive and Response to Eliminate Red-Tape in the Local Government Units.

On April 3, 2009 a seminar-workshop on project CURE was conducted in the municipality wherein its primary objective is the crafting of the municipality’s Citizen’s Charter that would serve as commitment of the municipal government to further enhance and improve the delivery of its service to the clientele.

After the conduct of the said seminar-workshop and upon knowing its importance, the municipal Mayor Hon. ELSIE D. VISCA issued an Executive Order Organizing the task force that would be in-charge in the crafting of the municipality’s Citizen’s charter. He said a deadline which is the end of June 2009 for the finalization of the said charter but due to unforeseen events which are beyond the control of the task force was overtaken until the end of July.

And the rest would be a history in the making.